St. John's Wort Oil

Ever since the time of Hippocrates, a blend of olive oil and balsamic herb was used for treating skin diseases and skin wounds in general. Balsamic herb is also known in Greek as spathochorto.

Common name in English language: ST. JOHN'S WORT OIL

Common name in German language: JOHANNISKRAUT OEL

FAMILY: Hypericaceae

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Hypericum perforatum L.

COMMON NAME (in Greek): Balm, balsamic herb, Leichenochorto, Perike, Chelonochorto, Kopsovotano, Pseirovotano, Spathochorto, the Baptist's herb.

DESCRIPTION: It is a perennial plant. It is aromatic and pharmaceutical, native to Europe and Greece, about 60cm tall. Its stem is erect, strong and many-branched. The leaves are small, elongated, egg-shaped and dotted. Its flowers are golden-yellow and arranged in inflorescence a lax cyme.


FLOWERING TIME: Blooming begins in June and lasts until September.

COLLECTION: When the plant is in full blossom, the part above the ground is collected.

COMPONENTS: Glycosides, Flavonoids (and rutin), Volatile oils, Tannins, Resins, Rutins. Since the ancient times, the fathers of Medical Science, Hippocrates and Dioscourides, would prepare it and use it for treating several of their patients. Today the use of this herb is once again spread worldwide due to scientific confirmation of its curing properties and its minor or none at all side effects.

CURING PROPERTIES OF THE PLANT: The part of the balsamic herb which is above the earth is considered: Analgesic-Painkiller, Anthelmintic (treats digestive tract worms), Antipyretic, Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory (treats burns), Anti-expectorant (treats phlegm), Stimulant, Regulating menstruation, Healing (treats wounds), Astringent (treats diarrhea) and Tonic for restoration of the nervous system.

USES OF BALSAMIC OILBalsamic oil produced from extraction is applied externally (simple application) for:
a. relieving from irritations-inflammations
b. Healing various wounds (caused either by injuries or immobility in bed)
c. Skin diseases
d. Treating hemorrhoids

APPLICATION OF BALSAMIC OIL: After cleansing thoroughly the area presenting a problem, apply enough amount of balsamic oil until the area becomes oily. Afterwards, leave the oil for a while (30-60min) until it is absorbed. The use of balsamic oil should be done daily, twice or three times a day, until the problem is eliminated. Then, you will see for yourselves the therapeutic properties of the balsamic herb when used as a pharmaceutical plant in the balsamic oil.

WARNING: The use of balsamic oil is indicated only when there is not direct sun exposure because it contains hypericin which is photosensitive. Therefore you should use it mainly during night hours.

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